A review by Nick Davis

Went to see ‘The Lamb’ at the Half Moon Putney. I was very impressed with the performance - very accurate interpretation of the piece. Lots of effort in recreating the music and sound - and the vocalist sounded like Peter!


Nick Davis, 5th May 2016


About Nick:

Nick Davis is a record producer best known for his work with Genesis. He has also produced solo albums for several members of Genesis.

A review by Paul Sexton

“The Lamb doesn’t so much lie down as rise triumphantly in the extremely capable hands (ten, I’ve counted) of ReGenesis. This new embodiment of the 1974 opus is the match of the original quintet’s both in expression and technical mastery, and with a performance longevity that far outstrips that of the Gabriel-era band, ReGenesis are pouring decades of experience into their most stirring production to date”


Paul Sexton, 10th May 2016


About Paul:

Paul Sexton is a journalist and broadcaster with the Sunday Times, Billboard magazine, BBC Radio 2 and others.

“ReGenesis – The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”
A review by Richard Macphail


“I recently saw ReGenesis perform “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway” at the Half Moon in Putney. I wasn’t sure what to expect!


At some point, I had a moment – I closed my eyes to listen... when I opened them I was surprised to see ReGenesis! With my eyes closed I was right back there again.


The gig brought back reminders of Genesis’ pub and Uni gigs with the likes of Queen and Keef Hartley and memories of shows with Lindisfarne came flooding back.


For me, the standout tracks were "Fly on a Windshield" and "Riding the Scree”. A Genesis tribute band stands or falls on its drummer. Phil was such a musical drummer, it should never have surprised us when his solo career took off. As a drummer he has big boots to fill and the ReGenesis drummer did a really great job.


Overall it was a fabulous experience - I stood at the back to enjoy the show. The audience knew every word.


There were even women there - and enjoying it too!!!!


Although I left Genesis before the Lamb, I visited them whilst they were recording it - with a mobile on a farm in Wales. I was reminded of wandering into the studio as they were throwing wine bottles into cardboard boxes to create the sound effects used on "the Waiting Room".


It brought back so many memories.


Heartily recommended!”


Richard Macphail, 6th May 2016.


About Richard:

A close friend of Genesis from the beginning, and the sixth band member, credited on Foxtrot and Genesis Live, Richard effectively managed the band and mixed their live sound, until they secured the services of Tony Smith, in whose capable hands he felt they would be safe!